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The Royal Harvest

The Australian Tapestry Workshop is thrilled to announce the weaving of a tenth Embassy Tapestry: ‘The Royal Harvest’ designed by Kaantju/Umpila artist Naomi Hobson for the Australian Embassy to Indonesia in Jakarta. ‘The Royal Harvest’ tapestry has been generously funded by members of the Myer family in honour of Arnold Hancock OBE, former Chairman of the ATW.

Hobson says her design for the ‘The Royal Harvest’ tapestry ‘represents the bounty left behind from our ancient trades between my people in Cape York and Indonesians. The shapes suggest trading movement through country and the colours are capturing the energy, joy, abundance and excitement of trading between the two cultures. I am expressing vibrant relationships that have blossomed an enriched village life of today with exotic flavours, diversity of our language and skills’.

Naomi Hobson is a visual artist who resides on the banks of the riverbeds her grandparents were born, in Coen, Queensland. Her colourful abstract compositions act as a link between individuality and a shared identity. Her continual inspiration is the vast traditional lands of her ancestors surrounding the town of Coen and her culture. Naomi Hobson is represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

ATW weavers will be using 24 warp at 2.5 warps per cm with 9 strands of ATW yarn per bobbin for this tapestry and predomintely using wool; small amounts of cotton will be used in lighter areas to achieve more clarity of colour. The weavers will endeavour to maintain the structual lines of the design and control the edges of shapes to strongly carry through the main elements of the design. Weavers will employ a lot of colour mixing and layering, and contrast this by promoting robust areas of solid clear colour.

‘The Royal Harvest’ will take up to 6 months to complete before it is installed on long term loan at the Australian Embassy to Indonesia in Jakarta. The embassy tapestries are a rich collaboration between Indigenous artists and the master weavers at the Australian Tapestry Workshop as well as an innovative cultural program that places large-scale Australian-woven tapestries on loan to selected Australian embassies around the world.

'The Royal Harvest' is generously funded by the Myer Family in memory of Arnold Hancock OBE. Work commenced December 2019.