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The Declaration of the Rights of the Child

The Declaration of the Rights of the Child tapestry has been hand woven by ATW master weavers, Jennifer Sharpe, Chris Cochius and Pamela Joyce in collaboration with the artist Emily Floyd for the new Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Sunshine, Melbourne.

Inspired by the work and legacy of the Hon Joan Kirner AC — former Premier of Victoria —The Declaration of the Rights of the Child tapestry stems from the Emily's long-term research at the Ruth and Maurie Crow Archive. Amongst the materials contained in the collection are several of Joan’s writings, as well as pioneering work in relation to urban planning, community building and creating a sustainable future.

The process of translating community history through the medium of tapestry weaving celebrates women’s contributions to society and will provide a colourful and optimistic centrepiece for the new hospital.

The tapestry has been funded by the Tapestry Foundation of Australia, the State Government of Victoria and the Australian Hotels Association.

Artwork courtesy of the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery.