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Bush Foods

'Bush Foods', a painting by late Indigenous Australian artist Sheena Wilfred, was interpreted into tapestry form, spanning 1.84 m x 2.15 m in 2015. Bush Foodsdepicts Australian native flora and fauna. Bush tucker such as yams and other root vegetables are depicted at the bottom of the painting with their stems still intact – as if they are still underground.

Various land formations are depicted closer to the top of painting, providing a flattened perspective where objects in the foreground and background are the same size. Australian flora such a wattles curl over the colourful background, and three little Ibis’s perch on rocks throughout the painting.

The tapestry was woven using a very bright colour palette as requested by the client. A large tonal variation of colour used in each bobbin to reflect the tonality of the heavily mixed paint in wool and cotton, and to respond to the very small brush strokes used in the work. Each bobbin was wound with 11 strands of yarn.

About the artist:
Born 1967, Wagilak clan, Ritharrngu / Kriol Language, Dhuwa Moiety
Sheena Wilfred is represented by Karen Brown Gallery.

Over the years Sheena developed a unique painterly style of many small brushstrokes in bold colour and design. Sheena applies painterly fields of colour of vibrancy and spontaneity equal to anything produced by the Fauves.
Her use of reds, oranges, blues, yellows, pinks and purples emphasise the seasonal mood of her landscapes from Dry season to the Wet season. Not only does Sheena paint naive figurative narratives, she also paints abstract paintings with titles such asBush grassandBush flowers.

Sheena has been represented in a number of exhibitions Nationally and Internationally in recognition of her fresh, unique style and interpretation of her country.

The ATW was greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Sheena Wilfred in 2016.The ATW honours Sheena\'s contribution to contemrpoary art, and we hope she is remembered through her beaustiful tapestry.