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Sun over the You Beaut Country

The Australian Tapestry Workshop is proud to announce a new tapestry collaboration with one of Australia’s greatest living artists John Olsen AO OBE.

Sun over the You Beaut Country has been designed specifically for tapestry. The weavers will be using a lot of cottons (which have more shine than our wool) to achieve a lightness and transparency in the yellows and oranges, and they will be using the technique of soumak to highlight certain areas in the tapestry. Our yarn dyer, Tony Stefanovski has created ten new cotton colours for this project, including John Olsen Yellow, John Olsen Orange and John Olsen Green.

John Olsen has worked with the ATW on seven previous occasions, most recently the monumental Rising suns over Australian felix (1997) for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Canberra. The ATW has enjoyed the support of John Olsen since before our foundation in 1976 and we are thrilled that John has come out of retirement to work with us on a special project.

John Olsen is one of the few remarkable artists that not only realise the creative potential of the tapestry medium but he also designs specifically for tapestry, following in the footsteps of some of the greatest artists in history.

“I am thrilled to be coming out of retirement, for visual health reasons, to work with the talented weavers at the ATW” said Mr Olsen. “Prior to the establishment of the ATW I had tapestries made in workshops in France and Portugal. On my recent visit to the ATW I saw the transformation between 1997 and now. The ATW weavers are producing such fine work both visually and technically and I would say the work produced there is better than the overseas workshops. And may I say, what a great thing this is to see”.

Images: ATW Weaver Sue Batten and ATW Dyer TonyStefanovski discussing yarn colours, Chris Cochius and Sue Batten at the loom, work in progress images, the original design by John Olsen,