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Let me put my love into you

Nell's work is concerned with life and death, viewed asprocess of growth and evanescence. Her vocabulary of motifs – eggs, fruit, mice, reptiles, lightning bolts, precious metals, ghosts and gravestones – become symbols of sexuality, seduction, reproduction, transformation and the inevitability of death. Her work has been exhibited and collected widely, and she has been awarded a number of international residencies.

This work is in the collection of Deutsche Bank, Sydney. The motifs in this work form an allegorical image: eggs symbolising both nurturing and fragility, the snake and apple suggesting temptation an fallibility, yet also the possibility for change and rebirth.

Based in Paris at the time the commission was granted, Nell spent days studying the collections of major French tapestry workshops to better understand the process through which an image was translated into tapestry. Back in Melbourne, she was a frequent visitor to the Workshop, allowing for a true collaboration as the tapestry evolved.