Featured Tapestries

Alice Bayke

This tapestry has been commissioned by The Queensland Art Gallery, with funds from Tim Fairfax AM and Gina Fairfax, to celebrate their continued relationship with the Pacific. The Queensland Art Gallery sought to engage an artist from the Pacific region that was interested in collaborating in a different medium to create a striking tapestry.

After extensive consultation between the artist, the Australian Tapestry Workshop and Queensland Art Gallery curators, the image Alice Bayke, by New Zealand photographic artist Yvonne Todd, was chosen to be translated into tapestry.

The art work Alice Bayke was inspired by Todd’s fascination with iconic imagery of 1960s celebrity icon Priscilla Presley. Yvonne was compulsively drawn to the heightened artifice of Presley’s appearance: ‘I was intrigued by the heavy-handed cosmetology of her look. Wigs and false eyelashes and pale lips. Her strange, doll-like appearance. I was also occupied with repressed emotions, deflation, piety and stoicism, vigilance and austerity’. Alice Bayke was the first in a series of five photographs titled ‘Sea of Tranquillity’ (2002). According to Todd, it still remains a favourite. ‘If I were forced to burn all my existing photos, except for only a few, I would keep Alice Bayke.’

Yvonne Todd was born in 1973 in Takapuna, New Zealand. Following a course in commercial photography and a stint as a professional wedding photographer, Todd completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Elam School of Fine Arts University in Auckland. Todd won the prestigious New Zealand ‘Walter's Prize' in 2002, has shown in numerous international group shows and her work has been collected by major New Zealand institutions.