Featured Tapestries

The Visitor

This tapestry was commissioned by Xavier College for its Performing Arts Centre. The college chose a design for the tapestry to challenge and inspire the viewer whilst providing a catalyst for interpretation. The image presents an aerial view of a nocturnal cityscape streaked with hundreds of tiny lights, with a cluster of figures in the foreground. The city lights can also be read as computer pixels or datasets.

Cattapan explains his work:‘The Visitor shows a group of youths in vast panoramic landscape that appears to have elements of many cities within it. It is a dissolving, fluid vista that speaks of an age of digital global information - of floating bytes of data. In the foreground is an arrival. For the visitor, the potential journey is one of hope and belonging, whilst for the group, what is represented is not only a newcomer but symbolically the challenge of new ideas.'

Xavier College used the creation of The visitor as an opportunity to involve students on a curriculum level. The artist gave a series of lectures at the school and students undertook projects at the Workshop such as filming an interview with the artist and recording the various stages of production using time-lapse photography.

Working with the ATW weavers was an experience that Cattapan found completely intriguing, creating a result that he describes as "way beyond my expectations".

Jon Cattapan is a Melbourne-based artist who has spent the last 30 years depicting the urban environment and exploring ways of conveying a sense of identity and place. Known for his organic forms, love of saturated colour and sense of dreamy ambiguity, one commentator referred to Cattapan's urban landscapes as ‘jewel-like works that are as beautiful as they are mysterious.'

Cattapan's paintings, drawing and prints have been widely exhibited in museum and commercial shows throughout Australia and overseas. His work is held in numerous public, state, regional and private collections including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of NSW, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Queensland Art Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.