Dovecot Studios & ATW Weaver Exchange 

We are please to announce an international exchange programme between Dovecot Studios and the Australian Tapestry Workshop.

This exchange is designed to raise the profile of contemporary tapestry weaving by fostering talent, building relationships and sharing knowledge. By spending an extended period in the host country, weavers will engage with both familiar and new working practices, and immerse themselves in the local Arts and cultural community.


Dovecot weaver Freya Sewell travelled to ATW in March 2014
ATW Senior Weaver Sue Batten travelled to Dovecot in September 2014


ATW Weaver Milena Paplinska travelled to Dovecot in September 2015
Dovecot weaver Jonothan Cleaver travelled to ATW in October 2015



Milena Paplinska (ATW) visits Dovecot in September 2015



Milena Paplinska talks to visitors at Dovecot



Milena Paplinska learns how to use the rug tufter



Milena Paplinska winds bobbins at Dovecot. 





Sue Batten (ATW) visits Dovecot in September 2014 



Sue Batten with Dovecot Senior Weaver Naomi Robertson



Sue Batten getting ready to warp up a new project with Rudi Richardson



Sue Batten looks over the cartoon for an upcoming project with Naomi Robertson



Sue Batten with Dovecot weaver David Cochrane



The weaving floor at Dovecot Studios




Freya Sewell (Dovecot) visits ATW in March 2014



Freya Sewell sampling for the Keith Tyson tapestry



Freya Sewell working at ATW



Freya Sewell talking with ATW Artist in Residence Lyndall Watson



Freya Sewell from behind the loom



ATW Dyer Tony Stefanovski giving Freya Sewell a tour of the dye rooms at ATW



Freya Sewell and ATW weaver Milena Paplinska getting ready to warp up a new project