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Plant Song

Janet Laurence is a leading Australian artist who, for more than 30 years, has explored the interconnection of the natural word – animal, plant, mineral – through her multi-disciplinary practice. Working across painting, sculpture, installation, photography and video, she has employed diverse materials to explore the natural world in all of its beauty and complexity, as well as the environmental challenges it faces today: the epoch of the Anthropocene. Laurence’s work addresses our relationship to nature, the interconnections between all living forms, occupying the liminal zones, or places where art, science, imagination and memory converge.

The ATW is thrilled to work with Janet Laurence on a second tapestry commission ‘Plant Song’. This original design by Laurence is a composite digital image created with her extensive archive of images of plants which are layered with images of paint poured on glass to create a layered transparent effect.

The ATW weavers have selected a wide palette of lush greens to create this tapestry, including a high ratio of cotton yarns which are used to create areas of luminosity in the tapestry. ATW yarn dyer Tony Stefanovski has dyed three new wool tones and one new cotton tone for this tapestry to achieve the specific greens for the weavers’ requirements.

ATW weavers will capture these layers; transparent glass areas and lines of light in tapestry weaving by using very subtle colour mixing techniques and using multiple tones that are very close together in colour range. They are working to achieve a soft painterly and watery effect and maintain the reflective surface areas of the design through mixing up to 10 or more different tones on each bobbin. This tapestry will take approximately 6 months to complete.

Janet Laurence is well known for her public artworks and site-specific installations that extend from the museum and gallery into the urban and landscape domain. Recent significant projects and commissions include an installation for ‘The Pleasure of Love, October Salon’, Belgrade (2016); ‘Deep Breathing: Resuscitation for the Reef’, for the Paris Climate Change Conference (2015) and major solo exhibitions at IGA, Berlin (2017), Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney (2017) and Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2019).

The ATW worked with Janet Laurence in 2017 on the private commission ‘Listen, to the Sound of Plants’ and is delighted to collaborate with her on this magnificent second commission.

Photos by ATW & Marie-Lusie Skibbe