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Point Addis

Point Addis is a design inspired by the landscape, flora and fauna of Point Addis in Victoria, situated between Torquay and Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road. This is a private commission.

This tapestry will be woven at almost twice the size of the design and will feature a range of native Australian flora and fauna; including the Rufous Bristlebird, a bird who nests in the coastline cliffs of the Great Ocean Road, as well as various native eucalyptus and banksia varieties.

Brennan states that she was inspired by the coast and the land adjoining it, the dramatic lines where the land meets the sea and sky, as well as the big boulders and soft foliage. She also wanted to suggest a kind of all encompassing view in this design vaguely influenced by Gozzolli (1421-1497, Italian renaissance artist), where the picture plane is pushed forward to create flatness, but also impart distance and space.

Although Brennan is primarily known for her abstract paintings, she has also completed many portraits, and worked with a range of other artforms and media including drawing, paper collages and laser copies.

Brennan's paintings have a charismatic quality, exhibiting a confident and spontaneous use of paint and bold, joyful colour. Her use of colour combined with the vigorous shapes, lines, and strokes of paint, give the works great energy and life.

ATW has previously worked with Angela Brennan on the tapestry It was not I who looked (2006). Brennan has had numerous solo exhibitions at commercial galleries including Niagara Galleries, Melbourne and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney. Her work has also been represented in many exhibitions, and in public and private collections both in Australia and overseas.

[Photographs by Jeremy Weihrauch]