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North Facing

This tapestry is a commission for the Northern Hospital (Epping), with the support of Hotel Care (the charitable arm of the Australian Hotels Association) and Anne Robertson and Mark Robertson OAM.

The designing artist, Bern Emmerichs, has exhibited widely throughout Australia as well as in the US and Europe. Her work is collected by the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, Queensland Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Western Australia and Powerhouse Museum (Sydney) among others.

She often works in ceramics, and for this tapestry, the original artwork is painted on tile, which underwent several ‘firings’ as colours were layered on. There are two versions of the original, and the artist left it up to the weavers to compare the elements in each version and choose the one they think is most suitable for the tapestry.

The artist grew up in the area where Northern Hospital is located, and has created a design that cleverly and whimsically incorporates the nature and history of the area.Elements of the local landscape include the river red gums, the volcanic rocks, the Plenty Ranges and the Plenty River, while historical references stretch from the early aboriginal inhabitants and European settlers through to modern urbanisation. There are also allusions to local commercial and leisure pursuits, including the dairy industry, market gardens and horse racing.

With a prominent location in the entrance lobby of the hospital, it will welcome all those who come through the front entrance, as well as being visible to patrons at the hospital cafe.