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Fire and Water - Moths, Swamps and Lava Flows of the Hamilton Region

This tapestry was commissioned by the Hamilton Art Gallery, Vic, Australia, as part of their 50th Birthday celebrations in 2011. John Wolseley was asked to design an original art work for this project. His lyrical mark making and eye for geographical detail has generated an enchanted and meaningful image, full of significant regional elements. The original art work is littered with observations, scribbled on the page margins, explaining the lovely butterflies and moths, as well as the lava flows and volcanic sink holes that characterise the area.

In their interpretation the weavers have drawn on both the original and revised versions. For them the challenge was to create in tapestry, the washes of translucent paint and detailed pencil lines that make up Wolseley’s art.

Wolseley was born in the United Kingdom and has a strong affinity with the Australian bush and Aboriginal culture. Pivotal to his art practice are his sojourns into the wilds, be they in outback Australia, Borneo, or Patagonia.