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Spring Street end

This tapestry was commissionedfor the State Library of Victoria, with the support of the Tapestry Foundation of Australia,with funding from Marjiore J Kingston Charitable Trust.

The design for this tapestry depicts Spring St, in Melbourne's CBD with Parliament House at the bottom centre. The concept for the design describes the hidden Aboriginal history of the city, indicated by the areas of black and dots representing plants in the corners of the work.

Ben McKeown is an artist and curator, descendant of the Wirangu language group of the Far West Coast of South Australia he has works in collections including: National Gallery of Australia, State Library of Victoria, and The United Nations Collection Geneva among others. He is interested in the practicalities and aesthetics of urban space, dwellings, as well as identity and culture. Mckeown was recently awarded the Deadly Art Award in the 2011 Victoria Indigenous Art Awards.