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David Noonan (born in Ballarat, Australia 1969) lives and works in London, and has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. Whether sculpture, printmaking, painting, etching, installation or film, the sense of narrative running through his work is a unifying thread.

Noonan often looks to things like 70s craft books and gothic architecture to help inform his narratives. The timelessness frequently found in his work is contradicted by the high-tech elements he often employs, adding to the tension his work generates. Noonan deliberately obscures the absolute nature of his narrative, allowing the viewer to be drawn into his theatrical compositions.

In transforming this work's very complex imagery, the Australian Tapestry Workshop's weavers cleverly retained the most important details needed to keep the sense of uncertain narrative generated by the work as well as capture the textures and mood.

Untitled (2009) was part of the travelling exhibition British Art Show 7: In the Days of the Comet, curated by the Hayward Gallery in London, touring for 15 months across different cities in the UK. It was also selected by Noonan as his only work to be displayed at the 2010 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, which was held at the Art Gallery of South Australia from March to May 2010.In April 2012 this, and Noonan's newest work with the Workshop Untitled (2012) went to Brisbane for exhibition at the Institute of Modern Art.

This work is in the collection of Danielle and Daniel Besen.