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ELEMENTS:Earth, fire, air, water

10 artists from each of three countries, the United States of America, Australia and the United Kingdom, have brought together their small format hand woven tapestries in this international touring exhibition. The artists were selected by a co-ordinator in each country to demonstrate a range of experience and approaches. In Australia, the artists were selected from the ACT and NSW only. Each tapestry measures no more than 25 cm x 25 cm.

The exhibition aims to inspire and educate the onlooker in relation to the variety of approaches to both woven tapestry and a theme.

Curated by Valerie Kirk.


Janet Austin

Mary Cost

Tricia Goldberg

Letitia Roller

LaDonna Mayer

Alex Friedman

Kathe Todd-Hooker

Tommy McClure Scanlin

Mary Lane

Sarah Warren

United Kingdom

Jane Freear-Wyld

Mike Wallace

Joyce Coulton

Jackie Bennett

Victoria Green

Janet Clark

Beryl Hammill

Christine Sawyer

Christine Paine

Lindsey Marshall


Whitley Rosenberg

Lisa Molvig

Diana Wood-Conroy

Dimity Kidston

Brenda Goggs

Anton Veenstra

Dan Edwards

Sally Blake

Shunyam Smith

Valerie Kirk