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40 Years of Contemporary Tapestry

As part of the ATW'sfortieth anniversary celebrations, we are featuring 40 years ofcontemporary Australian tapestry creation through a vibrant exhibition of samples from some of ourmost interesting projects. These wonderful experimental samples represent the journey of the ATW, from 1976 to the present day.

40 Years of Contemporary Tapestrytraces the history of the ATW, from the first tapestry to be warped up in 1976,to ourmost recently completed project. Our skilled weavers work with artists, designers and architectsfrom Australia and overseas to produce tapestries that are known for their vibrancy, technical accomplishment and inventive interpretation. Theweavingof samples is one of the first steps of each tapestry project. The process gives the weavers and collaborating artistan opportunity to explore vision, size, colour, texture and techniques, and this ultimately sets the creative direction for each tapestry.

These samples arearchivedby the ATW as a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration. They are an important record of how creative options for interpretation of the design for each tapestry are explored. They also provide an excellent educational resource for weavers and lovers of textiles. This exhibition surveys the accomplishments of the ATW from humble beginnings to a world-renowned institution, through investigating the possibilities of tapestry weaving.