Many Hands: The First 40 Years of the Australian Tapestry Workshop

The Australian Tapestry Workshop and the Tapestry Foundation of Australia are delighted to announce the launch in December of: Many Hands: The First 40 Years of the Australian Tapestry Workshop, published by Harper Collins. This exquisite glossy publication of more than 130 pages showcases major tapestries, outreach projects and key artists with whom we have collaborated in the past 40 years.

Inside this striking hardcover publication are highlights from our international activities, key projects and commissions over four decades. We discussour collaborative activities with contemporary artists and showcase a unique suite of tapestries designed by a diverse range of Indigenous artists.

To help bring these stories to life, we have engaged several contemporary writers from around Australia:

Grace Cochrane’s engaging essay tracks the Workshop’s evolution from an initial idea in the minds of Lady Delacombe and Dame Elisabeth Murdoch in the early 1970s to its transition into a world class weaving facility.

Sasha Grishin shines a light on John Olsen’s many tapestries and takes a contemplative walk along Imants Tillers’ Avenue of Remembrance.

Ashley Crawford unravels Keith Tysons knotty intentions and delves into the mind of
David Noonan while Reuben Keehan helps us navigate Gulammohammed Sheikh’s contemporary take on map making.

Jason Smith points out the politics behind Juan Davila’s Sorry tapestry and excavates the many layers of John Young’s ideas. Julie Ewington explores the hauntingly beautiful Alice Bayke by Yvonne Todd and Bruce McLean explains the complexity and beauty of map making by the senior Kaiadilt Women of Bentinck Island.

Ewington also examines Sangeeta Sandrasegar’s concerns about identify, migration and conservation and meditates on Nell’s Buddhist inspired ideas of balance and harmony. Robert Nelson considers the scruples of the colonial practice of enthography in Brook Andrew’s Catching Breath.

Peter Williams discusses the history oftapestrys engagement with design and architecture including the highly successful Tapestry Design Prize. Ian Were takes us on a journey across the globe highlighting our international activities, and Kay Lawrence gives us great insight into the process of weaving.

And finally, Andrea Hull, Sue Walker and Grace Cochrane celebrate our supporters and remind us that without them, we would not be here today. Many Hands: The First 40 Years of the Australian Tapestry Workshop will be available from the ATW website or the ATW from 6 December 2016.