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Parallels — Journeys into Contemporary Making - ATW Director Antonia Syme announced as speaker at the event


The National Craft Initiative and the National Gallery of Victoria present an international event exploring the future of contemporary craft and design. ATW Director Antonia Syme will be speaking at the event.

Informative, inspirational, and provocative, Parallels asks world-leading speakers to share their stories, articulate new mindsets, and reveal the priorities and opportunities they see emerging for craft and design.

Presentations range across broad terrains – from the hand made to the industrial, from studio practice, curation, technology, and retail strategy, to online markets, international exhibiting, limited editions, collectors and more.

This is an unique opportunity to explore the new cultural and commercial landscape for contemporary making, and hear how global forces are reshaping the parallel (and convergent) worlds of craft and design.

Tickets on sale from July 6 2015.

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