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Australian War Memorial unveils commissioned tapestry


Unveiled this week, was The Australian War Memorial’s Commission by Imants Tillers, titled Avenue of Remembrance – a tapestry produced by Australian Tapestry Workshop of a painting by Tiller to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

The painting makes reference to the Gallipoli letter, an 8000 word document, written by Keith Murdoch to Prime Minister Andrew Fisher in 1915. It is one of the National Library of Australia’s treasures. The Gallipoli letter is widely thought to have helped bring the Gallipoli campaign to an end.

The 3.3m by 2.8m tapestry, which took over 2380 hours to complete, was hung in the Stairwell gallery of the Australian War Memorial prior to Anzac Day. This is the first time a major tapestry has been displayed at the Australian War Memorial.

The tapestry was commissioned in November 2014 by the Memorial through and made possible through a generous donation from the Geoff and Helen Handbury Foundation.

[This article appeared on Arts Hub April 30, 2015]

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