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Director of the Tate Modern, Chris Dercon, visits the Australian Tapestry Workshop


On Thursday 18 June we were excited to receive a visit at the Workshop from Chris Dercon, Director of the Tate Modern. Chris looked at the finished tapestries on display in the galleries with ATW Director Antonia Syme. He also was interested in the production of the tapestries, talking with the ATW weavers Milena Paplinska, Sue Batten and Cheryl Thorntonabout our current major project, a collaboration with Juan Davila on a commissioned tapestry for the State Library of Victoria. Chris also met our current Artist in Residence Paul Yore.

We are thankful to Chris for taking the time to visit the Workshop, and also indebted to Naomi Milgrom AO for facilitating this visit. Chris was in Australia to open RMIT Design Hub's Walter Van Beirendonck exhibition.

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