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INTERTWINED: Weaving training for refugee artists


Intertwined: Stories on the Wall
Tuesdays 11am-3pm and Thursdays 10am-2pm through week of 1 April

This collaboration between Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) and the ATW brought together two groups of women artists from refugee communities: artists from the Karen people of Burma who work primarily in paper collage and textile artists from Afghanistan.

These two artist groups, who are previous participants in the Heartlands Refugee Art Prize, took part in a 6-week program at the Workshop at which they were taught tapestry weaving. The program had two weekly seesions, running for 6-weeks (through the week of April 1st).

The public was invited to visit the Workshop to observe the training sessions and talk with the women, and people could also follow progress online and through our Facebook page. We hope to pursue future projects with these remarkable women.

This program is supported by the City of Port Phillip. ATW and MAV are grateful to the City of Port Phillip for its commitment to supporting and celebrating creativity and diversity.

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