Brook Andrew is an interdisciplinary artist who, through interventions and curatorial projects, aims to make forgotten stories visible and offer alternative interpretations of history.

The ATW first collaborated with Andrew on the ‘Catching Breath’ tapestry in 2015. ‘Catching Breath’ is on loan to the Australian High Commission, Singapore as part of the Embassy Tapestry Collection — which places tapestries designed by Indigenous artists in Australian diplomatic posts. In ‘Catching Breath’ the subject peers through a veil, their eyes focused beyond the fabric — catching our attention, our breath; as though we can decide whether or not to lift the veil, to reveal the unknown.

Catching Breath sits within Andrew’s broader body of work that engages archival portraits of people from around the world. The veil of time hides their identities and raises questions regarding memory, its conceptual and visual potency linking local with international histories. ATW weavers Chris Cochius, Karlie Hawking and Pamela Joyce eagerly revisited ‘Catching Breath’ through the weaving of ‘Miili’, an edition of 10 small tapestries and two artist proofs focusing on the subject’s piercing gaze (‘Miili’ means ‘eye’ in the Wiradjuri languge).

These striking tapestries highlight the vital role weaver interpretation plays in the creation of contemporary tapestry and how decisions made on the loom can subtly shift the image. A once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a Brook Andrew tapestry – the Miiili Edition is available for purchase through the ATW.

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Sales for the 'Miili' Edition are now open– only five of these special tapestries remain available for purchase.

Don't miss out on thisonce in alifetime opportunity to acquire a small Brook Andrew tapestry.

View catalogue of available edition here.

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