The2018 Tapestry Design Prize for Architectsinvites architects to design a tapestry for tienne-Louis Boulle’s mooted building that inspired thePharos Wing, MONA, Tasmania, Australia. MONA was designed byFender Katsalidis Architectsto house David Walsh’s extraordinary collection of old and new art.Read David Walsh's brief and find out more about theTDPA 2018 here.

Established in 2015 the Tapestry Design Prize for Architects challenges architects to explore the possibilities of tapestry and architecture through the invitation to create a tapestry design for a hypothetical site. The TDPA 2018 is a partnership between theAustralian Tapestry Workshop, theMuseum of Old and New Art (MONA)andArchitecture Media.

Our South Melbourne tapestry studio is at the heart of all of our activities. We are sure you will agree its colour, light and energy is inspiring to all who visit. We find inspiration in the generosity of many visionary donors and clients, who have enabled over 500 tapestries to be handwoven on our looms.

In 2018 we are looking for philanthropic support to increase the number of tapestries on our looms; this will increase production, create jobs, provoke innovation, and share our tapestries withthe rest of the world. We have some exciting new artistic, cultural and community enrichment projects to get up and running, but we need your help! Securing a bright future holds some significant financial challenges; every year we need to raise 85% of our operating income.

We invite you to join our community of valued supporters by making a tax-deductible donation to our annual GIVE AN INCH appeal.

Your contribution will play a vital role in the development of the ATW.


Runs until Saturday 28th July 2018 at the ATW
Viewing hours: Tuesday – Fridays, 10am – 5pm
Free to attend. No bookings required.

An exhibition of experimental tapestry sampleswhich interpretprevious Tapestry Design Prize for Architectsprizewinningdesigns by John Wardle Architects (TDPA 2015) and Justin Hill (TDPA 2016). 'Tapestry x Architecture' offers viewers a glimpse into the process of handmade tapestry productionand highlights the innovative collaboration between the ATW weavers and living architects.


Saturday 14 - Saturday 21 April, 2018 | 11am- 5pm daily
Town Hall Reserve (in front of the South Melbourne Town Hall)
Bank Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205

Free to attend, no bookings required.

In their latest projectEmerald Threads,Slow Art Collectivewill build an evolving structure that will house a series of resting places for the public. Inviting public participation and intervention from interested members of the South Melbourne community and residents, these resting places will offer people a chance to take a break and enjoy a space of relative peace and calm.It will be a site for experimentation, play and gathering.

In the past 7 years,Slow Art Collectivehascreated various large scale participatory artworks that play with ideas of sustainability, improvisation, on-site learning and experimentation; often incorporating various elements of DIY sound, weaving, food and plant production and gameplay.

Emerald Threadsis a collaborative project between the Australian Tapestry Workshop, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Arts Access and Slow Art Collective and supported by the City of Port Phillip.


Viewing hours: Tuesday – Fridays, 10am – 5pm
Free to attend. No bookings required.

Planning a visit to ATW soon? Don't miss your chance to see the impressive tapestryGordian Knotdesigned by Keith Tyson and woven byChris Cochius, Sue Batten, Pamela Joyce & Milena Paplinska. This technically challenging circular tapestry features a central knot of fibres coming together to form a modern day Gordian Knot –biological, technological, cosmological, mythological and sociological evolutions all being woven together as a reflection of the world.

WARP AND WEFT: Art Gallery of New South Wales

Wednesday 2 May 2018 | 6:30pm
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney at the Entrance Court
Free to attend. No bookings required.

ATW weaver intern Karlie Hawking will be presenting a special weaving demonstration and talk at the Art Gallery of New South Wales' Art After Hours program as part ofTheLady and the Unicornexhibition.Karlie will demonstrate the weft-faced tapestry technique and discuss the process of translating the works of contemporary artists, designers and architects intotapestry.


Tuesday 8May2018 | 6:30pm, refreshments from 6:00pm
Free admission. RSVP essential.

Please join2018 Artists in ResidenceBronwyn Hack, Rute Chaves and Siying Zhouto hear about their artistic practices, as well their experiences at the Australian Tapestry Workshop.


The exhibition continues until 27 April, 2018 at the ATW
Viewing hours: Tuesday – Fridays, 10am – 5pm

Free to attend. No bookings required.

Frea Black | Emma Greenwood | ChrisO'Brien | Drew Pettifer | Debra Porch | Elena Redaelli | Gina Ropiha | Carly Snoswell | Superpleased (Sue Buchanan and Eli Giannini) | Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh)

An exhibition of the work of the diverseAustralian and international artists who took part in the Artist in Residence program at the Australian Tapestry Workshop in 2017.


Tuesday 29 May 2018 |11am - 12:30pm.
Free to attend for Friends of the ATW. Bookings essential.

TheFriends Reading Circleat Australian Tapestry Workshop is a free to attend book club forFriends of the ATW. We meetto discuss books that broadly relate to current exhibitions and featured tapestries at the ATW. Books will cover topics related to art, design, history, fiction and non-fiction. Whether you’ve had a chance to read the nominated book or not, you are welcome to join the discussion. Each session will include a tour of the workshop, focusing on featured tapestries and exhibitions at ATW. Light refreshments are provided.

The book for theinauguralsession is"Museum of Modern Love" by Heather Rose, winner of the 2017 Stella Prize.


Viewing hours: Tuesday – Fridays, 10am – 5pm

ATW Weaver InternsKarlie Hawking, Leith Maguire and Sophie Morris are currently working ontheir first collaborative tapestry project, under the guidance of Master Weaver Sue Batten and Cheryl Thornton.22 Temenggong Road, Twilightwas designed by architect Justin Hill and was the 2016 winner of the Tapestry Design Prize for Architects.

ATW Master Weavers Chris Cochius, Pamela Joyce and Cheryl Thornton have nearly completed the stunning tapestryTreasure Hunt,designed by internationally renowned artist Guan Wei.This tapestry reflects upon Indigenous and colonial history, as well as themes ofnavigation,migration and the influence of globalisation.

The ATW is open for public viewing from Tuesday to Friday, 10am-5pm.Guided tours are also availableon Wednesdays at 11am and Thursdays at 2pm. Bookings must be made in advance.


Looking to learn some new skills in 2018? At the ATW we hold regular tapestry weaving classes, led by master weavers. Some classes are already booked out, so get in quick!

Learn to Weave with Cresside Collette
Thursday 14 & Friday 15 June 2018 10am to 4pmBOOK NOW!

Learn to Weave with Joy Smith
Monday 6 & Tuesday 7 August 2018 10am to 4pm BOOK NOW!

Learn to Weave with Tim Gresham
Thursday 13 & Friday 14 September 2018 10am to 4pm BOOK NOW!

Learn to Weave with Joy Smith
Monday 19 & Tuesday 20 November 2018 10am to 4pm BOOK NOW!

Intermediate Weaving with Tim Gresham
Monday 7 & Tuesday 8 May 2018 10am to 4pm BOOK NOW!

3-day Intermediate Weaving with Cresside Collette - Weaving the Landscape
Wednesday 10, Thursday 11 & Friday 12 October 2017 10am to 4pm BOOK NOW!

For more information, contact the ATW on 03 9699 7885 or email


+ The world-famousLady and the Unicorntapestries are showing in Australia for the first time attheArt Gallery of New South Wales for an exclusive exhibition. On loan from the collection of theMuse de Cluny – Muse national du Moyen ge in Paris, the six tapestries are currently on view until24 June, 2018 in Sydney.

+ ATW TeacherJoy Smithwill be exhibiting atNeon Parlourwith a solo exhibition,Strange Fruit.The exhibition will featurea series of tapestriesbased on Smith's vegetable garden. The exhibition opens Friday 13 April, from 6-8pm.

+ 2017 Artists in ResidenceZilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh)are currently exhibiting atSarah Scout Presentswith the exhibitionPatrino-Patrino.Patrino-patrinocomprises a suite of twenty-one new intricate drawings, a number withcarvedand engraved custom frames and glass, together with a series of glass objects and furniture. The exhibition closes on 14 April 2018.

+ 2013 Artist in ResideceFleur Brettis participating inLandfall: Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2018, an outdoor art exhibition along the foreshore of Lorneuntil 2 April 2018.

+ 2012 Artist in ResidenceJulie Bradleyis currently showing atANCA Galleryin Canberra. The exhibitionPaper, Scissors, Rockmakesreference to the rich symbolism and meaning of stones, and continues until 8 April 2018.

+Janet Laurenceis currently showing at Arc One Gallery with a solo exhibition titledWhat Colour is the Sacred?In 2016Janetdesigned the beautifulListen, to the Sound of Plantstapestry. Her exhibition finishes on 14 April 2018.

+Sangeeta SandrasegarandDavid Noonanare both currently exhibiting atGertrude Contemporary. Sandrasegar'sIt's Like Thatand Noonan'sA DarkandQuiet Placeare on view until 28April, 2018.Sandrasegar and Noonanhave both previously designed tapestries for ATW.

+ RebeccaJobson will be speaking at the inauguralSoul Craft Festival, to be held in North Melbourne Meat Market from9 - 10 June 2019. For further details about the festival and tickets clickhere.

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