FRIENDS OF THE ATW FORUM:Next Thursday 6 April


In association with theASIA TOPAfestival and theBody and Cloth: Performing Textilesexhibition, join artists Kate Just, Chaco Kato from Slow Art Collective and Sarah CrowEST for a panel discussionmoderated by Dr Rebecca Coates, Director of Shepparton Art Musuem.

Artists will discuss work in the exhibition and through discussion and audiencequestions unravelideas around textiles and their use in contemporaryart, as well as in conjunction with the body and performance.

Refreshments from 6:30pm, the talk will begin at 7pm

Tickets: $15 | Friends of the ATW:$10

ON THE LOOMS:Guan Wei's Treasure Hunt

Treasure Huntis well underway on the looms at ATW. This major newdesignis by prominent artistGuan Weian being woven byChris Cochius, Pamela Joyce, Jennifer Sharpe andCheryl Thornton will be 3.6m long.Treasure Huntreflects upon Indigenous and colonial culture, as well as cultural diversity. Through thedepiction of the oceans, islands and desert interiors, Guan Wei references navigation, exploration, migration and the influence of, and response toglobalisation.Visit our websiteto see hisoriginal design for the tapestry.

Over the last three decades Guan Wei has developed a significant international reputation as a contemporary artist whose work crosses cultural and political borders, specifically between Australia and Asia. He migrated to Australia in 1989 from China. His practice draws on his personal experience of both Chinese and Australian culture, as well as an informed socio-political awareness and knowledge of art history.


The finalists from the2016 Tapestry Design Prize for Architects, as well as the recentlycompletedPerspectives on a Flat Surfacedesigned by John Wardle Architects will be on display atArtisanin Brisbane until1 April 2017. Please join us for the opening on 31 March from 6 - 8pm. This exhibition is part of theAsia Pacific Architecture Forum.

CURRENT EXHIBITION:Body and Cloth: Performing textiles

In association with the 2017Asia TOPAFestival, the Australian Tapestry Workshop’s exhibitionBody and Cloth: Performing Textilesbrings together work by artists from Australia and the Asia-Pacific who examine the relationship between cloth and the body.Exhibition runs until 13 April 2017.

Troy-Anthony Baylis (Jawoyn/AUS)
Eric Bridgeman (Papua New Guinea/AUS)
John Brooks (AUS)
Elisa Jane Carmichael (Quandamooka/AUS)
Sarah crowEST (AUS)
Kate Just (AUS)
Ema Shin (Japan/AUS)
Slow Art Collective (Japan/AUS)
Reiko Sudo (Japan)
Hiromi Tango (Japan/AUS)
Kawita Vantanajyankur (Thailand/AUS)


Time to get weaving! Entires for the 2017 Kate Derum ($5000) & Irene Davies ($1000) Awards for Small Tapestrieswill be openfrom 1 May 2017 to 4 June 2017. TheKate Derum & Irene Davies Awardswere established to honour the memory of Kate and Irene and theirsignificant contribution to tapestry.Theseawards aregenerously supported by Susan Morgan in memory of Kate Derum, and Alayne and Alan Davies in memory of their mother Irene Davies.

Emeritus Prof Kay Lawrence AM:Emeritus Professor, School of Art, Architecture & Design, University of South Australia,Australian Tapestry Workshop board member, tapestry weaver

Dr Kevin Murray:Adjunct Professor, RMIT University, Research Fellow, University of Melbourne, craft writer and curator
Dr Rebecca Coates:Director, Shepparton Art Museum, Lecturer of Art History, University of Melbourne, curator and writer

To see full conditionsof entry pleasevisit the ATW website.


Develop and Strengthen your Woven Voice:
2017 Tapestry Masterclass with Marie Cook - 7th & 8th August 2017 -BOOK HERE

Explore collage/paint/draw/photocopy to further develop your innate design style.
Discuss, warp, weave and interpret ideas selected from your explorations.(To coincide with the opening of the Kate Derum & Irene Davies Awards for Small Tapestries)

Learn to Weave:
May(Cresside Collette) -FULLY BOOKED
July (Tim Gresham)- FULLY BOOKED
September (Joy Smith)-BOOK HERE
November (Tim Gresham)-BOOK HERE

Intermediate Weaving:
June (Cresside Collette) -BOOK HERE- 1 PLACE LEFT
October (Tim Gresham)-BOOK HERE


+ The exhibitionFreshwateropens atShepparton Art Museumon 1 April, this exhibition features a ATW tapestry designed by JohnWolseley:Concerning the wading birds of the Warrnambool wetlands.This magnificent tapestry is usually at its permanenthome in Warrnambool, so it is a great opportunity to see closer to Melbourne. ATW Director Antonia Syme will be giving a talk about this tapestry on Wednesday 19 April at SAM, which will be followed by a free weaving workshop by Joy Smith.Bookings via the SAM website.

+ Whilst theConcerning the wading birds of the Warrnambool wetlandstapestry is on loan to SAM, we have loaned our tapestryGrevilleadesignedby Lesley Dumbrell. You can see this tapestry on display at the Warrnambool Base Hospital.

+ 2017 Artist in ResidenceFrea Black will be speaking atProcessatLoop Baron Monday 3 April from 6:30pm. PROCESS examines analogue methods of expressing spatial concepts. Four speakers unpack their respective processes of drawing, model-making, tapestry and illustration.

+ Entries for Craft'sVictorian Craft Awardhave been extended until this Sunday April 2.The Victorian Craft Award is a biennial event facilitated by Craft Victoria in the pursuit of presenting and celebrating excellence in the crafts.

+ 2016 Artist in ResidenceAndrei Davidoffhas an exhibition of ceramics,PATINAatMt Kitlyuntil 2 April.

+Garlandmagazine recently launched their 6th issue. Packed with great articles - our pick isPauline Tran's investigation into the way Karen refugees in Australian have been able to use their weaving skillsthrough collaboration with Sara Lindsay and the Australian Tapestry Workshop.Read the article here.

+ If you are in Edinburgh,Dovecot Studiohas a wonderful new exhibitionThe Weavers Apprenticerunning from 10 March to 1 July 2017. This exhibition tells the story of the Dovecot apprenticeship, featuring objects from the organisation’s archive, as well as historic and current works.Dovecot’s master weavers continue to teach new apprentices and the roots of their skills and knowledge can be traced back to those original founding weavers in 1912.

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