Finalists for the 2017 Kate Derum and Irene Davies Awards for Small Tapestries announced


The Australian Tapestry Workshop (ATW) is delighted to announce the finalists for the $5,000 Kate Derum Award and the $1,000 Irene Davies Emerging Artists Award for Small Tapestries. These are the most prestigious small tapestry prizes in Australia.

The Kate Derum Award was established to honour Kate’s memory and her significant contribution to tapestry as former deputy director and a weaver. The award celebrates Kate as an accomplished artist, respected teacher, avid supporter of the ATW and ambassador for Australian tapestry. The award is open to all professional Australian and international tapestry artists and generously supported by Susan Morgan in memory of Kate Derum.

The Irene Davies Award is for emerging artists in the first 5 years of their practice and is supported by and Alayne and Alan Davies in memory of their mother Irene Davies, who was a tapestry enthusiast.

59 artists from 14 countries have been selected as finalists for the Kate Derum Award and 22 artists from 7 countries have been selected for the Irene Davies Award. The winners will be selected by a panel including:

Emeritus Prof Kay Lawrence AM: Emeritus Professor, School of Art, Architecture & Design, University of South Australia, Australian Tapestry Workshop board member, tapestry weaver.

Dr Kevin Murray: Adjunct Professor, RMIT University, Research Fellow, University of Melbourne, Editor of Garland Magazine, Former Director of Craft Victoria, World Craft Council Committee.

Dr Rebecca Coates: Director SAM (Shepparton Art Museum), Honorary Fellow, School of Culture and Communications, University of Melbourne, curator and writer.

The winners will be announced at the opening of and exhibition on Tuesday 8 August from 6 – 8pm at the Australian Tapestry Workshop in South Melbourne. An exhibition of the finalists will run until 29 September 2017

Kate Derum Award Finalists:

Patricia Armour, Ewa Bartosz Mazus, John Brennan, Anet Brusgaard, Raewyn Bucklow, Stephnie Cantoni, Chris Cochius, Cresside Collette, Deborah Corsini, Clare Coyle, Heather Dunn, Jilly Edwards, Ilze Erba-Brengolma, Vladimira Fillion-Wackenreuther, Suzanne Fitzgerald, Alex Friedman, Carolyn Furnish, Pauline Gibson, Kirsten Glasbrook, Brenda Goggs, Melissa Green, Beryl Hammill, Alice Hannigan, Rachel Hine, Elke Hlse, Fiona Hutchison, Anne Jackson, William Jefferies, Dimity Kidston, Joan Korn, Velga Lukaza, Louise Martin, David Mooney, Ann Nauistdal, Judit Pazmany, Liv Pedersen, Caron Penney, Elizabeth Radcliffe, DeAnna Rigter, Deann Rubin, Christine Sawyer, Tommye Scanlin, Pat Scholz, Jennifer Sharpe, Ema Shin, Beth Smith, Joy Smith, Katharine Swailes, Julie Taylor, Marie-Thumette Brichard, Kathe Todd-Hooker, Friede Voet, Renate von Loewis of Menar, Mike Wallace, Sue Weil, Sue Weir, Rosemary Whitehead, Greg Wood, Naomi Zouwer

Irene Davies Award Finalists:

Eva Heiky Olga Abbinga, Daniela Contreras Flores, Michelle Driver, Jessie Fitzpatrick, Karlie Hawking, Ingrīda Ivane, Caroline Johnston, Suzanne Knight, Maruta Konceviča, Michelle Kurth, Santa Leimane, Kayla Mattes, Sophie Morris, Mariana Ortega, Lynne Peebles, Ana Petidis, Mariana Pinar, Munaw Poe, Shuklay Tahpo, Hannah Waldron, Krysten Watson, Dorota Wronska

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