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Life Burst Half-Way Mark Celebration


A special celebration was held at the ATW to mark the half-way point of Life Burst designed by John Olsen AO OBE. Life Burst is a magnificent tapestry commissionedfor the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to be located at the new Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) in Melbourne’s hospital precinct in Parkville. Guests were welcomed by ATW Director, Antonia Syme and enjoyed a toast to commemorate the project milestone. John Olsen’s design reflects the architectural rhythms of the atrium where the tapestry will be installed and aims to bring warmth and colour to hospital patients and visitors.

Life Burst is generously funded by the Australian Hotels Association, Mrs Anne Robertson and Mr Mark Robertson OAM, andMrs Janet Calvert-Jones AO and Mr John Calvert-Jones AM. Attending the celebration were donors Janet Calvert-Jones AO, Mrs Anne Robertson and Mr Mark Robertson OAM, as well Mike Barouche, General Manager of the Australian Hotels Association. Also in attendance were Chair of Peter MacCallum, Maxine Morand, CEO, Dale Fisher, as well as new ATW Board Chair, John Ridley and architects of the VCCC, Debbie Ryan and Rob McBride of McBride Charles Ryan Architecture & Interior Design.

In celebrating the half-way mark of Life Burst, John Olsen said “it was one of the most important designs he had created, and cannot wait to see the finished tapestry in the new VCCC building”. To view Life Burst on the loom visit the ATW 10am-5pm, Tuesday - Fridays.

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