Conservation and Cleaning Services


The Australian Tapestry Workshop is pleased to offer specialty tapestry conservation and cleaning services. 

With proper care, tapestries can last for centuries. The Workshop has decades of experience in tapestry care and conservation, and we can help ensure your tapestry will be enjoyed for generations to come. Cleaning will help the tapestry look its best while attaching a museum-quality lining and hanging system will protect it from dust, insects and physical wear.


Our services include:

  • conservation surface cleaning of the back and front

  • repair of minor holes or losses, and advice on specialist conservators for larger-scale projects

  • preparation and attachment or restoration of the lining

  • construction of hanging battens

  • consultation regarding optimal hanging of your tapestry to avoid dust, moisture, sunlight and other detrimental environmental conditions.

We can also arrange for de-installation, pick up, delivery and reinstallation.


Call us at 03 9699 7885 for an estimate, without obligation, or email your inquiry to


ATW Weaver Emma Sulzer sews a backing