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Our superior pure wool yarn is suitable for weaving, knitting, embroidery and many other uses. Its resilience and durability make it ideal for textile art.

The wool is grown using environmentally sustainable and humane animal practices, and is traceable through the supply chain back to the farms in Australia where it is grown. The yarn meets the EU EcoLabel standard.

The Workshop’s professional dyer is responsible for dyeing small, highly controlled batches. Only the best lightfast and colourfast dyes are used, and our yarns are mothproofed during the dyeing process.

Our basic palette consists of 60 colour ranges, each divided into six or seven tones, resulting in a palette of 370 colours.

Please note that actual colours of yarn may diiffer from the colour represented on the the yarn colour chart pdf. See our shipping and returns poilcy for more details.

In late 2016, due to supplier discontinuation, the ATW will be switching from our current stock of 2/13 Nm Eco Wool to 2/18 Nm Eco Wool, which is:

  • Australian and completely traceable back to the farms where the sheep are raised
  • Border Leicester/ Marino Cross, giving it a strong, medium-thickness fibre
  • Soft and white
  • Strong and durable, smooth and even and will not pill or get fluffy
  • On average, it is 29 microns thick
  • Grown using environmentally sustainable and humane animal practices
  • Wool supplied by The Merino Company through Geelong Textile Mills

Differences between 2/18 and 2/13 Nm Eco Wool:

  • 2/18 Nm Eco wool is finer than 2/13 Nm Eco Wool
  • Spun as 2/18 Nm yarn, as opposed to 2/13 Nm yarn

NOTE: Nm is the metric system for measuring the diameter or defining the thickness or coarseness of the yarn. It is also known as the yarn count (mass per unit length).